What are your Distractions? | Toni Vans Network Marketing Business

F O C U S…we can get so distracted can’t we…LOL.

I had to laugh and I was thinking about talking about this because of that crazy Pokemon game. People were so crazy about that game!! It always surprises me the time people will invest into something that does not serve them. We have to get Focused!

One thing I have found is to limit social media use. Social media is a great tool for our business but it is a huge time sucker too. Focusing on the face-to-face interaction makes a huge difference. Not saying to stay off…goodness no…but be mindful of your time spent on it and who and what it serves.

Often times we get distracted within network marketing and in our lives. You gotta have the focus. Focus on what you know Works!!  Focus on being filled with passion about sharing your business with as many people as you can. If you do this and make it a priority, it will come back to you tenfold.

Personal Activity (there it is again) I cannot stress this enough. If I am not out there personally sharing,  personally recruiting, personally sponsoring VIPs and partners… then how can I come to you and tell you to do it. ~Personal Activity~ your own activity Matters Most!

I have leaders reaching out to me from time to time to ask my opinion on other training or some other method they saw someone else do. Folks, we know our culture they don’t. We know our culture and what works. We have seen great success at the Dare To Succeed, the Meetups, the Hosting and the Monat socials. These are your tools – focus on them!

Focus on the tools focus on what we know that works and keep moving forward. If you get distracted or you’re trying to do things that don’t move your forward, then you will go backward.

Focus on your end result. What is it you want? How much money do you want to make this week, this month? Start there…

Do what you know works…FOCUS!