Team Toni & Jay

Toni and Jay are a dynamic duo taking personal success and fulfillment through network marketing to new heights through partnership, connection, communication, and love.❤

Together, Toni and Jay also sit as liaisons on advisory boards to help startups and small business owners grow through social media, increase and exceed sales goals, build relationships, and retain current customers and representatives.

As they’ve generated personal and organizational success, Toni and Jay learned a great deal about the network marketing industry, online businesses, social media prosperity, relating with others, and teambuilding.

Together, they created proven systems for individuals looking to improve human relationship skills—both in the workplace and the home. Teaching and coaching individuals and teams to achieve success and build personal brand names is one of their greatest accomplishments.

In less than three years, Toni and Jay built their direct sales team to exceed $600 million in organizational sales! This dynamic duo was not only the first to enter the Million Dollar Club, they recently entered the $5 Million Dollar Club…and counting!

Toni Vanschoyck, Leader, Author, Speaker, and Consultant

Toni Vanshoyck is a network marketing professional who motivates and inspires nearly a quarter of a million network marketers on their way to generate one billion dollars in annual sales.

Her soon-to-be-released book, “So Effing Simple” is a guide to building a prosperous life in network marketing (with bonus strategies for couples who partner to magnify success).

She’s an engaging speaker, trainer, and consultant who addresses audiences with authority on topics like network marketing, leadership as a lifestyle, cultivating confidence, and generating wealth to pay it forward. See video below to watch Toni speak. 

Toni consults with new and emerging network marketing organizations to increase partner engagement (and sales), 21st Century technology (social media) campaigns, and leading for collective prosperity.

Jay Treloar—Leader, Speaker, Coach, and Consultant

Jay is Toni’s biggest cheerleader and partner in achieving success for the family, organization, and community. He also coaches spouses on transitioning to find their place in direct sales organizations and team up with their significant others to advance the family’s goals, increase overall satisfaction individually and as a family, crush organizational sales goals, and lift up communities.

He also speaks to audiences large and small about scrapping traditional gender roles to partner for success, providing effective family and business support, getting out of your own way, overcoming objections, and living life “repurposed.”

Jay consults with emerging and established network marketing organizations to increase distributor engagement through spousal support.

It’s a Family Affair

Toni and Jay believe so wholeheartedly in network marketing, they’ve invited their children to the business. Naomi (age 19) and Catherine (age 12) travel with the couple, attend events, speak, initial social media engagement, and bask in the excitement, opportunity, and influence that comes with involvement in a growing, global network marketing company.

Naomi and Catherine love to spread positivity, talk about following your dreams, and relay the benefits of the lifestyle afforded by network marketing.

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