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engaging effectively

You are invited to participate in a 3 part series for any business called “Engaging Effectively” by Karen Clark, Author of the book series “Social Media for Direct Selling”. Karen is known for presenting information-packed yet accessible interactive programs that focus on tactics you can use right away. One thing that permeates all her training is the concept that social media marketing is about connecting people, not collecting people.”

How many times have you accepted a friend request only to be added to a group selling one thing or another or receiving a sleazy sales message in your inbox? Makes you want to hit the delete button, doesn’t it?

Want to learn how to capture, and engage your perfect client? Then, this series is for you.


Part 1. Best Practices

The do’s and don’ts in Facebook Group

  • Facebook communities allow you to connect with others and grow your network while you are home in your jammies.
  • The perfect networking tool for introverts and homebodies.
  • How to build relationships in groups
  • How to build your business using, groups.

Part 2. Hot Lives/insta stories

  • How to use Facebook Live
  • Stories help you get more visibility and gives people more of your content to consume.
  • Great people can see and learn about you. Attract your perfect client.

Part 3. Youtube & Business, why you need it

  • Captures attention
  • High traffic volume
  • Search Engine
  • World Wide Accessibility