Suzanne Richardson Krygier

Toni and Jay have been such an inspiration to me. I’ve had the pleasure of knowing them long before signing on with Monat and I can say that watching Toni and being a part of what she does, is such a joy.  As a mentor, leader and friend, she instills a ‘never give up’ attitude.  And just as you’re about to hit a goal, she celebrates and in the next breath tells you to push even harder and go bigger. 

Some of the most important lessons I’ve learned from the two of them are: 

  • Be Real.
  • Be trustworthy.
  • Work hard every day.
  • Build others.
  • Never give in to negativity.
  • Dream big.
  • Never underestimate yourself and what you’re capable of. 

I adore them and have the utmost respect for Jay & Toni. They are living out their dream and helping others do the same.  Everyone needs a Toni & Jay in their life. I’m honored to have them in mine.

Jackie Boelke

Role model, mentor, friend, and incredible leader are words used when describing Toni. Extremely grateful for the Facebook introduction and getting to know Toni has been amazing. I am happy to be riding on this Monat journey together. As friends,  we shared many confidential calls and I trust her 100%. As a leader and mentor Toni has pushed me harder than anyone has ever done and has shown me how to conquer my dreams. Since I have known Toni my self-confidence has risen to new heights. 

She is the backbone I need when everything felt like it is falling apart. Toni is a straight shooter and has no problem being blunt with me. When people talk to me they tell me I remind them of Toni, and I find that a true compliment and I could not ask for a better leader. 

Even though I do not really know Jay, seeing him out and about at the Monat functions, showing other men how to support their wives and make it into a team effort has been inspiring. 

Amy Lazare

What has Toni and Jay done for me?

Not such an easy question because they have been generous beyond measure and spoil the ones they love. Wow, it is really hard to talk about them without becoming emotional. Toni, Jay, my husband and I have developed a very special relationship. We love each other unconditionally and accept one another the way we are and that is hard to find these days. There is a mutual respect and love for one another. That is our secret sauce and what makes our bond so special. They have taught me to strive for better and have shown me a path to follow for my own success. Their faith, hope and abundance is beyond measure and such a gift. She taught me to dream bigger than I ever thought was possible. I see the light and it just keeps getting brighter. Toni is the beacon. Toni is bigger than life, my friend my mentor and my business partner. 

Phyllis Marlene and Harry Benstein

I met Toni back in the summer of 2009 at a “Do Something Brave Every Day Workshop”. I knew everyone there except Toni. We had to stand up (we were in opposite corners and introduce ourselves and our BHAG)! We had similar energy, vision and mission. I had the big goal to retire myself from corporate America and have financial freedom. Toni had the big goal to make enough to afford a week at Turtle Island, Fiji. We actually had vendor booths across from each other and our journey together began. 

We had a rough start but Toni showed compassion, forgiveness, and a bounce back ability from a poorly run company and a terrible financial situation. I was also suffering from the as a result of our first company together dissolving . She also really showed me and others how to do a total transformation, mind, body, spirit. 

I met Jay along the way when he was a grumpy engineer, oh wait .. so was I. Love him too 

Take aways from our relationship: 

  • Leaders are a dime a dozen, but a servant, loving, caring, sharing, believing in you leader is hard to find 
  • Be accountable to yourself
  • Track your numbers, they never lie 
  • Work hard, Play hard and have fun

The biggest by far is to remain positive, Dream huge, and go for it! Jay and Toni are an incredible example and role models for couples doing this business and that huge dreams really do come true. 

My husband Harry and I are forever blessed and grateful for their friendship, mentorship, and belief in us, and the invitation of a lifetime.

Jennifer Gardner Pavlick

I will touch base on Jay and Toni, but first I would like to address what they do for everyone. True to themselves, They do not blend in with their surroundings and show up as they are humble, successful and hardworking. Humble, humble, humble people and that is a rare thing these days. Pretty freaking amazing. So kind to everyone and a powerhouse dynamic duo many look up to and love. I could go on and on forever about all they are and all they will become. The way they are is refreshing.

What do they do for me? No words to describe what Toni does for me because I cannot describe the way she makes me feel. She is so kind, and generous and I feel the way we approach life seems similar. I work really hard to be positive and a light in everyone’s lives and try to be a cheerleader to everyone and lift them up. A lot of people frown upon it because they cannot handle it. Toni reminds me that there are people in this world that do and think the same way I do. Toni is always inspirational, motivational and always cheering for you. Some say “find out who your true friends are when you are down on your luck” but my favorite quote is “pay attention to those who clap when you are winning” because that is when you see the people that want you to succeed. I pay attention to those who clap when I am winning, Toni is my true cheerleader. She gets me. What do I love about her? She holds so much power and not in an authoritative way but as an influencer of others. She is very rare. Balls out! She works hard and plays hard. When I am pushing myself she is pushing me as well. She doesn’t ever stand in front or behind you, she is always right next to me walking the journey. She has my back and she will have yours too. She’s a badass!

Kristi Heinz

When I moved to Chicago I was severely over weight, low self-esteem and really stuck in a rut. Severely burnt by a group of friends at my last church, I really had trust issues. Eventually I joined GiGi Hill, Toni was not my up-line but she Toni ran a group I participated in. Watching her, I decided to put everything into it and Toni saw that about me. What amazed me most is when Toni was in leadership with GH and received a preview of the newest catalog and asked me to lunch. She called me up and told me she wanted to show me what lies ahead. So we planned a lunch and she did show me that she believed in me. I still cared for my mom and it was hard. 

I listened to Toni, I trusted her and that meant the world to me. She never sugar coated anything for me and always set high goals for me and then higher still. I did go on a cruise with her and we shared a lot. I opened up about my weaknesses and vice versa. We have been strong for each other at our lowest points. 

Oh and the support! I didn’t always take care of myself and later had Gastric Bypass and she really supported me through something I felt ashamed of. She stood by me after my surgery and made sure I was walking and following instructions. She was with me while my mother was in hospice, and at my mother’s funeral, and stood by my side the entire time. She flew here to be at my son’s graduation because we are family. 

All this time I have never doubted that she believed in me. Do not get me wrong my husband is amazing but I go to her when I need an honest opinion she is my go to girl, when I need to hear it straight I do not go to my family, I go to her. She is the driving force behind my confidence and self – growth. She is tenacious, fierce and loyal. 

As for Jay, I now see a side of him that I had not seen in a long time. He has always been kind and supportive but this has really grown in the last few years. They do amazing things for people. It is not the material things, it is that they are always here for me. They really have shown me who I am on the inside and what I can do? No one has been able to do that for me. My husband does but it is different. Toni and Jay share abundantly. Epitome of kindness, loyalty and selflessness. 

My wish for Toni is to take more time for herself. 

Kyla Williamson

Oh goodness!  Where do I even begin to express the love and admiration I have for Toni. I really do have a loss of words when it comes to expressing the gratitude I have for all that she has done for me and my entire organization. Toni is definite one of a kind. There are not many like her out there. She is kind, caring, compassionate, driven, and just such a down to earth no BS kinda of gal! She has taught me so much about myself and about the real world. Since the very beginning in Monat (prelaunch) when I met her–she and I had a connection and I knew I had a lifelong friend that would always have my back and never let me down. Anytime I have needed a pick me up or a kick in the bud I call her and when I get off the phone with her my entire world was different and I felt like I could conquer anything. Even after all of her success she is one of the most humble people I know. Here we are 3 years later and I look back on everything and am so grateful for the opportunity to do this business with her by my side.  No matter how big her team is she always makes times to encourage and lift me up when I need it. 

Toni and Jay are a dynamic duo together. Jay loves and supports Toni and they balance each other out while working together! That is an amazing example for so many. When a couple is working together you can achieve so much more. The example they are showing their kids about supporting each other in a marriage is amazing to see. Not many get that in a spouse. I feel so blessed to have cross paths with these 2 amazing people and look forward to the future and many trips to come!   

There is not a word big enough to use to even remotely come close to thanking Toni for all she has done! So Toni THANK YOU for being raw, for being real, and for being an amazing mentor for so many out there especially myself! You are setting the bar for a lot of us! I love you!!   

Amy Campos


Aahhh where do I begin…

I’ll never forget the first time I met Toni and she

instantly stuck out her hands and said, “Look.  I saw one hand with sunspots and one with none and said, “Wow, what’s that from?!”  She said, “Our oil!!  I’ve been using it for a month.”

Then she used a word that I’ll never forget in regards to our comp plan. I was like, Alrighty then…  I think I’m going to like this woman. She was real. She was honest. She was unapologetically ToniVans.

She told us about the Urdanettas and spoke of what kind, humble, hard-working people they are.  She spoke of their vision for the company and that they were very philanthropic, wanting to support the field and also support the environment and the less fortunate.  That’s extremely important to me in a company and I was happy to hear that it was equally important to them.

It was in a private room at a Starbucks in Schaumburg IL, maybe ten of us. I had chills knowing that this was the beginning of a hair-care movement unlike anything we’d ever seen and that we had the Urdanettas and Toni at helm.

I thought, Wow, this woman is the real deal, straight-shooter. It was so refreshing to see that. The company I had come from was a bit smoke and mirrors.  I instantly knew I was in the right place with the right leadership.

That was October of 2014. Wow, we’ve come so far but yet have only just scratched the surface.

Toni has always been there to support me. Support me. Not coddle me. If I had an issue (and, believe me, we had many bumps in the road being a start-up company), she gave me 30 seconds to have my “pity party” and then it was back to business.

She said to me numerous times in the first six months when I’d message her with a complaint, “Is this going to make or break your business?”  I’d think about it and say no. She’d say, “Okay then.”  Toni does not major in minor things.

I’ve found myself multiple times saying the same thing to my team. Get back to business and let’s change the world together.  And that is exactly what we are doing!

I have a million dollar team with over 20,000 people on it. I could have never done this without Toni or without my amazing team. Teamwork definitely makes the dream work.

Toni has all the qualities that a strong leader needs to possess. She is confident, passionate, focused, inspirational and transparent. She has integrity.

The mediocre leader tells. The great leader inspires . Toni inspires our whole organization every day by walking with integrity and being passionate about us and about MONAT.

She is passionate about making all of us grow into the best people and greatest leaders that we can possibly be. She often gifts us with self-development and leadership books.  She’s always pouring into and investing in her team. After all, real leaders know that the greatest challenges come from within themselves. She’s always helping us develop.  She knows what’s important. She knows that the only way to get to the top is by pulling a whole lot of people up with you. She’s shown me what a great leader is, and I aspire every day to be the kind of leader that Toni is.

I think people’s chief want is to have someone who will inspire them to be their greatest self, and Toni does that. A few months ago we had an important training in Chicago. She gave me a training topic that I am not too great with. She didn’t have to say it, but I knew that she assigned me that topic for a reason, to make me better at it. I needed to brush up on it. And brush up on it I did.  I delivered and delivered well.  I think I made her proud 🙂

I’ve always said you can tell a lot about a person through their children, how they act, their beliefs and how they conduct themselves. Toni’s children are truly some of the most incredible young people I have ever had the pleasure to know. Naomi is tender-hearted, driven, wise and mature. And little Catherine …  I picture her being a true leader with a comedic side. She is confident, brave and so funny. She’s definitely a great mixture of Toni and Jay.

You always know where you stand with Toni and you always know that she’s doing the right thing. She has a leadership style that fosters not just results but purpose, a purpose to help others to be their truest selves and to leave the world a better place.

This quote makes me think of her:  “Management is doing things right. Leadership is doing the right things.”  – Peter Drucker

I could go on and on and wish I had more time!  I’ve got to get back to the house.

I could have never remodeled my home without MONAT. Next, moving into the home of our dreams!!