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Toni Vanschoyck

Toni VanSchoyck started off her career in Fast Food chains and after college promoted to a corporate restaurateur. Raised with a strong work ethic she was unfulfilled with the corporate world and started 2 successful traditional businesses in landscaping and day care. Being a single mom, she supplemented her income working with startup direct sales companies and was in the business for over 19 Years before finding the “one”. Finally, she found a direct sales company that had a proven track record, a great product and a work family to love and trust, she found a “true” fit. Her track record for success in network marketing in the field and corporate, allowed her to reach the top in organizational sales and income and the 1st to enter the Million Dollar Club with her current company. Jay left his corporate Engineering career 3 years ago to join in the business. Now he coaches other spouses to transition and find their place within the company and ways they can team up with their wife or spouse to further their family goals.

Toni & Jay Vanschoyck

Toni and Jay helped to build their team over 500 million dollars in organizational sales in just over 3 years. Not only were they 1st to enter the exclusive million-dollar club they just entered the 4-million-dollar club! Toni and Jay have also sat on advisory boards and have also been a liaison and helped small startups and small business owners through using social media, increasing sales goals, relationship building and retention of current customers and representatives. Toni and Jay have proven systems for individuals looking to improve human relationship skills both in the workplace and the home. Toni and Jay have learned a great deal about the industry. Teaching and coaching teams of people and individuals has been one of their greatest accomplishments and helping them achieve success. This also helped them to learn how to help others and how to build a brand name. A perk they have embraced and shared is the ability to focus on local charities to pay it forward and make a difference in their community. Money may not buy happiness but the ability to help others does and this team does it with their whole heart.

 Jay Vanschoyck

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