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I partner with people to show them how they can earn up to 8 figures a year with a multiple stream of income. 

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  • You want to create a million dollar income!
  • You have the desire to earn money through multiple streams of income
  • You want to leave your 9 to 5
  • You have the ability to help others in need
  • You want to be your own boss and set your own hours
  • You want to change your mindset
  • You need positive thinking

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Toni and Jay have helped to build their team over 500 million dollars in organizational sales in just over 3 years. Not only were they 1st to enter the exclusive million-dollar club they just entered the 4-million-dollar club! Toni and Jay have also sat on advisory boards and have also been a liaison and helped small startups and small business owners through using social media, increasing sales goals, relationship building and retention of current customers and representatives.


Role model, mentor, friend, and incredible leader are words used when describing Toni. Extremely grateful for the Facebook introduction and getting to know Toni has been amazing. I am happy to be riding on this Monat journey together. As friends,  we shared many confidential calls and I trust her 100%. As a leader and mentor Toni has pushed me harder than anyone has ever done and has shown me how to conquer my dreams. Since I have known Toni my self-confidence has risen to new heights.  She is the backbone I need when everything felt like it is falling apart. Toni is a straight shooter and has no problem being blunt with me. When people talk to me they tell me I remind them of Toni, and I find that a true compliment and I could not ask for a better leader.  Even though I do not really know Jay, seeing him out and about at the Monat functions, showing other men how to support their wives and make it into a team effort has been inspiring.Jackie Boelke